Mission Statement
We, the Benedictine Sisters of Queen of Angels Monastery in Liberty Missouri are called to a monastic community of prayer and to minister to all people. 

Our Philosophy
The Benedictine Sisters of Queen of Angels Monastery are a group of women with a common vision and call, participating in the Benedictine charism of seeking God in cenobitic community and responding in prayer and ministry.

We are united by our monastic profession of obedience, stability, and conversion through the monastic way of life according to the Rule of Saint Benedict of Nursia, the Gospel, the Prioress, and the living tradition.

Striving to deepen our life of continual listening, we commit ourselves to a contemplative vision and to spiritual growth through the Liturgy of the Hours, lectio divina, and the Eucharist. 

Our search for God in prayer pervades our work and ministry, as we strive to see Christ in others, both within the religious community and in God’s larger family on the journey with us.

We radiate God’s presence by furthering full human development and personal healing in an environment of hospitality and peace, justice and love, so that through us GOD MAY BE GLORIFIED.